Mahatma Gandhi Mission`s Dental College & Hospital

Parent Teacher Association


  1. Offer a platform of connect between the parents and the institution
  2. Address student grievances
  3. Acquire parent inputs for academic improvement
  4. Communicate college expectations to the parents
  5. Involvement of parents in all student activities

Action points:

  1. Have monthly PTA meetings with each academic year
  2. Appoint representatives from the parents as a core team
  3. Acquire from every department data about every student on a monthly basis
  4. Appoint a professional student counselor

Monthly PTA meeting details:

  1. All parents of that particular academic year and core team to meet
  2. Meeting to be scheduled on a working day during college working hours preferably a fixed day e.g. first Thursday of every month
  3. Meeting dates to be communicated through SMS / e-mail 1 week in advance
  4. Meeting agenda will be in accordance with the goals under broad heads as follows:
  • High points of the student batch
  • Challenges faced by the batch
  • Activities planned for the month
  • Important announcements from the institution to parents
  • Any other agenda
  • PTA Committee

    1. Dr. Sabita M. Ram, Dean

    2. Dr. Vanitha Shenoy

    3. Dr. Jyotsna Galinde

    4. Dr. Richard Pereira

    5. Dr. Tushar Pathak

    6. Dr. Sachin Doshi

    7. Dr. Mihir Jha

    Heads of departments / representatives
    1. General Anatomy - Dr. Geetha K N
    2. Physiology - Dr. Prajakta Radke
    3. Biochemistry  - Dr. Sneha Pawar
    4. General Pathology – Dr. Sarfaraz
    5. Microbiology – Dr. Samir Panchpute
    6. Pharmacology – Dr. Ipsute Raj
    7. General Medicine – Dr. Gedam
    8. Community Dentistry – Dr. Priya S
    9. Prosthodontics – Dr. Sandeep Gurav
    10. Conservative – Dr. Vanitha Shenoy
    11. Pedodontics – Dr. Ashwin Jawdekar
    12. Oral Surgery – Dr. Galinde
    13. Periodontics – Dr. Kini
    14. Orthodontics – Dr. Shashank G
    15. Oral Medicine & Radiology – Dr. Rohini Salvi
    16. Oral Pathology – Dr. L S Poonja



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    • Equipping future dentists with comprehensive skill sets and expertise
    • Raising the standards of dental health education by imparting extra mural education under the mentorship of leading academicians
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