Mahatma Gandhi Mission`s Dental College & Hospital

Services - Prosthodontics

Replacement of all missing teeth with complete denture

Pre-operative and Post-operative

Replacement  of missing teeth with dentures taking support from remaining teeth with help of copings and ball attachments

Smile of Satisfied Patients

Replacing the Teeth Immediately after Extraction on the Same Appointment

Replacement of Missing Teeth with Metalic Denture Base

Replacement of Missing Teeth with flexible denture

Restoration of discoloured teeth with porcelain fused to metal full crowns

Changing smile with laminates

Pre-operative and Post-operative

Tongue stabilization stent during radiation therapy

Closure of Palatal Defect with Definitive Obturator

Artificial Replacement of an Eyewith Eye Prosthesis

Replacement of Teeth after upper jaw cancer treatment

Replacement of Nose with silicone Prosthesis after burn injury

Rehabilitation of a patient with cleft palate using a speech aid prosthesis




“Creating dental health professionals embodied with the light of knowledge and spirit of compassion."


  • Equipping future dentists with comprehensive skill sets and expertise
  • Raising the standards of dental health education by imparting extra mural education under the mentorship of leading academicians
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Journal of Contemporary Dentistry

Official Publication of MGM Dental College and Hospital


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